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Taking Investments to
The Next Level

Investment Holding company for the worlds most innovative solutions to enable climate change mitigation and investment decisions to coexist


We are investing in a diverse industry portfolio of sectors which a focus on climate change and net zero solutions for a global impact



We seek innovative solutions from early stage to developed prototypes and mature businesses to enable a global shift and disruption in our chosen sectors with sustainable environmental impacts that can improve the planet and improve lives of millions  

Analytics & Insights

We think different from day one, we look at our deep analytics and insights to allow our investment decision to be impactful from the start. Along with our views on how a sector may develop over the medium and long term, we position our investments for earth and moon shots. 

Development & Finance

Finance alone is not the key to any investment, we take an active approach to guide the investments we make to success while brining investment capital and commercial knowledge to ensure maturity of investments are rapid and stabilize the balance sheets 



Join Nano Vida Tech

Seeking a new and exciting career in private equity and VC which makes an impact to society?

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