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Our investment mindset 

Intellectual Curiosity

As an investor, we never know what pitch is coming through your door next. As such, we need to be constantly aware about emerging technologies and product trends, which requires constant learning. We have both broad and in-deep knowledge bases and are open to new ideas, and new ways of thinking.


Dynamic Thinking

We are always thinking ten steps down the road, which can split into a variety of paths, we are able to be hyper-focused on business value and potential strengths, regardless of how ‘out there’ the pitch is. Many of today’s unicorns started off as a completely different product or service, so seeing various potential successful outcomes, and backing founders who can also think dynamically about their business to produce a successful pivot at a later stage is essential.

Network Capabilities

We are constantly networking both in the investment and startup communities and corporate industries. Our network is our toolbox, we can create a network effect which can be used not only for deal sourcing but also to support our portfolio of companies.

From Innovation to Commercial Scale

We have the experience to advise on the scale-up plans, details and calculations, to supervise initial on site developments, and to make recommendations on any adjustments required for subsequent design scale up needs, always ensuring we can be one step ahead of any challenges. Our experts can also source and procure the needed production materials, provide a comprehensive set of specifications, and integrate the new product into a variety of systems

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