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Join Nano Vida Tech

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At Nano Vida Tech we work with the largest and fastest growing companies worldwide. We collaborate on interesting projects from various fields and industries, providing the best service by our extraordinary team.

As an employer, Nano Vida Tech applies a policy of equal opportunities. We build our teams based on the assessment of candidates' competences and their professional achievements.

Why Work at Nano Vida Tech?

At Nano Vida Tech  you have the opportunity to work with various people and businesses and meet other people and companies while making an impactful opportunity to mitigate climate change and meet global net zero targets for our investments

Personal Growth

At Nano Vida Tech - Personal development is a career-long process and is a way to regularly assess your skills and capabilities, consider your goals and maximise your potential. There are a number of ways in which together, we can improve your own development in the workplace, such as re-evaluating your time, conducting a skills appraisal, reviewing your transferable skills or overcoming any barriers to acquire a new skills.

Career Development

We provides to employee professional growth, especially to employees' movement to a new position or project within the organization. This support often includes coaching, mentoring, skills development, networking and career pathing. Career development is often facilitated by HR functions (such as learning and development, talent management or recruiting) and by HR business partners or managers in the organization.

Key Benefit

Recent events has pushed us to embrace the unpredictable, has tested our collective resilience, and has reshaped the way we balance work in our lives. For Nano Vida Tech it has sharpened our focus on employee wellbeing and sustainable working norms. Joining our team means having flexibility and support, just as much as it means contributing to innovative and inspiring work.​​​​​​​


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